1900 Hanging Armchair

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1900 Hanging Armchair

Regular price $990.00
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The 1900 hanging armchair is one of the more recent additions to Fermob’s iconic collection inspired by the good old days. It’s a garden armchair you can hang from a (sturdy!) tree branch, and swing gently while you relax under the shade of the leaves, as childhood memories come flooding back. 

This steel swing chair simply oozes appeal – it’s a great way to make use of that forgotten corner of your garden, or to bring a stylish touch to your outdoor space. 

Like all seats in the 1900 collection, this hanging armchair features hand-forged scrolls and rings – a testament to unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship.

Available in 24 colours

height: 110cm

Weight: 8.8 kg

frame: Steel rod

seat: Perforated steel sheet

backrest: Steel rod

Hand-forged scrolls, armrests and rings

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