Bebop Side Table 35cm

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Bebop Side Table 35cm

Regular price $730.00
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This beautiful, minimalist, airy occasional table will naturally find a place in the lounge area of your terrace, or inside your house. And it’s not just an occasional table: you can also use it as a pedestal table, an Ottoman or a bedside table.

Its practical shelf can be used to store books or magazines to keep things tidy ... even in the garden. It’s made of ultra-light 100% aluminium, and so is easy to move from the garden to the lounge. It will also stand up to the most demanding climatic conditions: by the sea, for example. Available in 24 colours!

Height: 45.5cm

Width: 35cm

Length: 35cm

Weight: 3.2 kg

base: Aluminium

table top: Aluminium

Intermediate table top made from aluminium sheet

Product enhancement : Improved hold for pads

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