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Carrière Frères Lavender Wax Palet

Carrière Frères Lavender Wax Palet

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Carrière Frères Lavender Wax Palet

She’s also called “true lavender” and grows wild on the hills of Southern France. Purple shrubs of green grey leaves, lavender’s fragrant flowers stand up straight, defying the elements with their colourful spikes.

Its essential oil, of the highest quality, purifies and heals. Lavender is a grand and generous flower.

A new home accessory, Carrière Frères’ botanical palets are scented-wax objects ideal to perfume a wardrobe or drawer. A new addition to the brand’s olfactory collection, each palet is entirely hand-made in the house’s workshops.

Each box contains 2 wax palets.

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