Lorette Chair

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Lorette Chair

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Lorette Chair: Expert Craftsmanship

What a look: Louis XVI style, at home in the garden! The designer Frédéric Sofia proposes a chic, contemporary new version of the medallion armchair, designed for outdoor use.

Four thin legs with flared feet for stability on the grass, rounded corners where the base meets the seat, and a backrest reminiscent of mashrabiyas, the open latticework wooden panels common in Mediterranean countries that shields you from prying eyes while letting the breeze flow through.

The practical side of this metal chair leaves nothing to be desired! It is durable, stackable, easy to maneuver…

Classic? Vintage? Timeless, for certain. Offered in all 24 shades of the Fermob color palette, this chair will lend character and comfort to any garden furniture set, and it will complement the other members of the Lorette family.

Height: 84cm

Width: 46cm

Length: 42cm

Weight: 6 kg

seat: Steel sheet

backrest: Perforated laser-cut steel sheet

base: Steel tube

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