Lorette Low Armchair

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Lorette Low Armchair

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Lorette low armchair: a one-of-a-kind piece


Back to the classics! The Lorette collection is capturing hearts and minds. It’s designed by Frédéric Sofia, a great friend of the brand and the man behind the iconic Luxembourg collection.

Lorette features an unusual, subtle motif, which becomes a signature, like a monogram: a flower with 4 petals as a sign of openness to the world. The latticed pattern embodies the spirit of country houses, full of poetry. The piece harks back to the 1950s and 1960s, with its slender lines and rounded corners. It has many influences and a strong personality.

Beyond its eye-catchingly distinctive style lies a robust, practical armchair that’s brimming with technical qualities.

The ultra-fine laser-cut pattern on the backrest is surprisingly sturdy. What’s more the Lorette low armchair boasts a stacking design that makes it easy to store away, and its anti-corrosion treatment provides excellent weather protection.

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Height: 82.4cm

Width: 65.7cm

Length: 48.5cm

Weight: 8.6 kg

seat: Steel sheet

backrest: Perforated laser-cut steel sheet

base: Steel tube

armrests: Steel rod

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