Mickey Mouse Bistro Chair

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Mickey Mouse Bistro Chair

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To mark the ninetieth birthday of the world’s most famous mouse, Fermob, the creator of happy and humorous garden furniture (and a big Mickey Mouse fan), is updating some of its most iconic designs to launch its Mickey Mouse collection!

The French manufacturer is offering a subtle, abstract reinterpretation of Mickey’s iconic silhouette via its famous folding Bistro chair. With an iconic, 130-year history, the chair now features Mickey’s mouse ears and short pants in a choice of four colors from the Disney universe: Cotton White, Licorice, Poppy, and Honey.

Available in a Maousse version for adults and a mini version for little ones in short pants with an oh-so-cute junior version of the Bistro chair, so come and discover the full Mickey Mouse collection for yourself.

Height: 90cm

Width: 51.7cm

Length: 42.5cm

Weight: 5.8 kg

frame: Steel

seat: Curved laser-cut steel

backrest: Laser-cut steel

Plastic clips for safe folding and unfolding

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