Pasaia Shower

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Pasaia Shower

Regular price $2,600.00
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Designed by : Mermelada Estudio

An attractive colourful aluminium outside shower to cool you down in summer: your dreams have been brought to life with yet another example of Fermob's considerable metal expertise being put to use in the design of outdoor furniture. This easygoing shower, with its tripod design, can be freely installed wherever you want. The only restriction is that it needs to be within reach of a water supply and a hosepipe - It’s as easy as that!

Height: 218cm

Width: 100cm

Length: 140cm

Weight: 23.5 kg

“Rainwater effect” shower head

Connected to your garden hose using an adapter

Grate with aluminium frame and wood-finish PVC slats

Jack system to ensure the shower is stable and completely flat

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