A Summer & Winter Christmas

Unlike the UK, in Australia, we have long, hot summer Christmases which can be uncomfortably warm.  So this year, we decided to head to the greener and cooler fields of England.....and do a bit of shopping.

There are places that you just know you are going to find agreeable - even before you get there and the Charlotte Street Hotel in London, looked to be one such place.     

Arrival is pretty special with the reception room with its lovely roaring fire and club chairs and an unidentifiable statue welcoming visitors at the entry.

At reception, there was a large group of French nationals trying to check-in at the same time and there was an unseemly scrum at the desk, which was all very entertaining

Alix and I don’t like coming second - just see us in the queue for speedy boarding on Qantas Airlines, but, this time, we had to settle for second.

It does feel slightly 21st-century embarrassing checking in as two heterosexual women. Alix and I always make a point of saying too loudly, two single rooms!

"We’re together but not like that," she says.  

Elsewhere the size of the room would rate as a "suite" and there are views of the London skyline and green tree canopies everywhere. 

A much cooler Christmas in a very warm environment.  

We do love all things English.

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