Redfields English Leadwork

English decorative leadwork enjoyed its heyday in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Capability Brown's influence at the end of the eighteenth century saw a demise in formal garden design in favour of a more naturalistic vista.  Ipso facto many of the statues, fountains and urns of the formal gardens disappeared. Plumbers continued to express their artistic talents in the decoration of lead cisterns and rain hoppers until as late as the early twentieth century.  Lead is now mostly employed in prestigious architectural projects.  Redfields are proud to keep this ancient craft alive.

And Manon & Moss are equally proud to represent this ancient craft as the Australian contact for Redfields English Leadwork UK.

Why lead?

This beautiful blue-grey metal has for centuries, been favoured for exterior decoration.  Lead is immensely durable, indeed examples of roman plumbing are still in service to this very day.  As the famous gardener Gertrude Jekyll said "there can scarcely be a doubt that the happiest material for our garden sculpture and ornament is lead".  Investing in lead garden ornaments will give pleasure for generations to come.  The beautiful patina will only improve with age.

Who are Redfields?

Redfields is a small company of craftsmen specialising in the design, manufacture and restoration of decorative leadwork and are based in Hampshire, England.

Any piece, can be shipped to Australia.