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Ribbed Lead Planter

Ribbed Lead Planter

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Ribbed Lead Planter

The Ribbed lead planters are made up of symmetrical squares and are excellent for large trees or shrubs. They are widely used by designers and architects as they can be placed together to form large rectangular lead cisterns and planters.

There are 4 or 9 x squares to a panel for planters and the dimensions can vary depending on the size planter you are after. 

Square dimensions are: 

320 x 320mm,  416 x 416mm,  508 x 508mm are all 4 square patterns

610 x 610mm,  678 x 678mm,  757 x 757mm are all 9 square patterns

You can customise the size or order the following standardised sizes:

D615mm x W615mm x H610mm $4.752.00

D680mm x W680mm x H680mm $7,344.00

D760mm x W760mm x H760mm $12,096.00

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