Privacy Policy


Collection and Disclosure:

Personal information can only be collected when it is necessary for an organisation's operations and can only be used or disclosed for its original purpose of collection. Manon will take reasonable precautions to protect personal information so that it is not misused, lost, accessed by unauthorised people, modified or disclosed.  However, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of any third party that is not under the control of Manon.


When purchasing from Manon your financial details are passed through a secure server using 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology, and are not stored. 128-bit encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break and is the industry standard. Please refer any security questions to Manon. 

Access to Information:

All clients or authorised delegates have the right of access to their files.  Manon will take all reasonable steps to allow clients to access their personal information unless the law does not allow it.