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The Hale Mercantile Co

The Hale Mercantile Co

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HMCo take enormous great pride in manufacturing a true European luxury linen range lavished in culture, tradition, pride and centuries of craftsmanship. 

Designed to be relaxed in nature and truly easy care, HMCo's entire range is grown, spun, dyed, woven and sewn in Europe. HMCo's approach to their linen bedding and household linen is simple - it should always look beautiful with minimal care.

luxury linen is designed for easy living.

The linen softens naturally over time, making it highly absorbent. With each wash, the linen becomes more desirable and gentle to the skin, offering a unique sleeping experience.  HMCo's range also includes a beautiful collection of wonderfully tactile products for around the home.

We, at Manon & Moss, equally as particular about beauty, quality and functionality, are delighted to collaborate with Hale Mercantile Co and stock their range of luxury linen.

Products in our store range from Linen Face Towels ($25.00) to Linen Duvet Covers (from $550 Queen), made from the finest linen, and made in Europe.

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