Australia's Devastation

Australia is in the grip of a drought and our suffering wildlife have battled to survive.  Then Australia experienced unprecedented bush fires which have swept the nation and the devastation has been horrific for all Australian's human and non human.

Over a billion animals have been killed.

The ongoing care and rehabilitation of wildlife will continue for volunteer groups long after the fires have ceased.  

Following is a list of the wildlife rescue groups who will continue to need donations:

Animal Rescue Collective is a joint project of many volunteer-led rescue groups around Australia. They are doing amazing work! Take a look at their Facebook page - they have comprehensive lists of goods that can be donated in different regions and are open to volunteer help. You can also make a financial donation. Donate HERE

Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc is a volunteer group of licensed wildlife rescue & rehabilitators from the Southern Highlands & Wollongong to the Victorian Border. ‘What we need most is funds to acquire the right veterinary help, medicine, rehabilitation & housing supplies and food.’ Donate HERE

Shoalhaven Bat Clinic and Sanctuary's aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and release both microbats and megabats, provide training to carers and educate the public. Drought and bushfires have caused continuing food shortages and stressed our much-needed flying-foxes. Mass deaths have occurred in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. They urgently need financial support. Donate HERE 

Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary has been impacted by bushfires and all three properties belonging to W2F members have been destroyed. They do not require you to buy items or sponsor joeys because none of it exists anymore. They are busy focusing on helping surviving wildlife. They really need donations to rebuild the sanctuaries. Donate HERE

Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary is desperately in need of donations for urgent food, fencing and housing reinforcements, vehicles and fuel and other necessities. ‘We need urgent help. We have been working day and night for the past week due to the devastating fires in our area.’ They also require financial support. Donate HERE

LAOKO Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue (Looking After Our Kosciuszko Orphans) is a not-for-profit wildlife rescue group based in the Snowy Monaro region of NSW. Formed in 1978 we are the second longest running wildlife rescue group in NSW.’ Donate HERE 

Wildlife Animal Rescue & Care Society Inc. (ARC) is rescuing and caring for wildlife on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. Donate HERE

'FAWNA requires support for all our volunteers with the full cost of products, food and housing for all wildlife bushfire victims on NSW's Mid North Coast. Through generous community donations, FAWNA has already purchased >$2000 worth of kangaroo pellets and wild bird seed for distribution through community collection points. We need to keep this going perhaps for months until the weather improves.’ Donate HERE 

Koalas in Care Inc has enough in product donations but is still in need of financial support. Donate HERE 

Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Wombat Hospital is dedicated to rescuing orphaned joey wombats, sub-adults and adults that are in need of medical care. Along with wombats, they care for many species of native animals with the focus being on animals that are in need of more than routine care to get them to the point of release. Donations are used to provide milk and other feeds as well as purchasing medical supplies and equipment for the hospital and treating wombats in the field. Donate HERE 

Possumwood Wildlife is a treatment, accommodation facility and sanctuary for native animals located on the Lake George Escarpment on the Southern Tablelands. They rescue and rehabilitate sick, traumatised and injured macropods (kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos), wombats and possums of all ages and sizes and, when fully recovered, release them into a safe environment for a second chance of a free life. Please help them to rescue and administer aid to the animals that have been affected by our devastating fires. Donate HERE

Friends of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Do you know that Kangaroo Valley’s Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies are facing imminent extinction? The Friends have informed the community that it is believed that one of the colonies of endangered brush-tailed rock-wallabies has succumbed to the bush fires. Their biggest concern is the supply of water and feed to those that have survived and attacks from feral cats and foxes. They have a fundraising goal of $5000. Help them to preserve this iconic threatened species HERE

Higher Ground Raptor Centre is a bird of prey rehabilitation, release and education facility located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Due the recent drought and bushfires, they need to develop a water storage and sprinkler system to keep the birds safe and require cages to transport injured or sick birds of prey. Donate HERE

'RSPCA NSW is doing all we can to protect the pets, livestock and wildlife in threatened or affected areas. Over the past few days, RSPCA NSW has also taken part in evacuations, gathering animals and taking them to safety. This includes the rescue and treatment of native wildlife and livestock who have been most affected by the fires. We need your help with this important work.’ Donate HERE 

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is located in one of the earliest areas to be ravaged by fire and has raised more than $3.5 million for the wildlife affected in that area. ‘Donations have now reached an incredible amount and we are extending the project to establish a wild koala breeding program...As many as 350 koalas have perished with approximately 75% of the fireground footprint being prime koala habitat. Some of the funds raised through the Go Fund Me site will be directed to building a ‘Koala Ark’, a facility to allow the surviving koalas to be accommodated in a healthy habitat area.  Hopefully, these koalas will breed and a new population of koalas will be established for return to the wild.’ Donate HERE. Adopt a koala HERE.

For many farmers, the destruction of large areas of pasture by the fires means feeding their animals is a challenge. For fodder donationscontact Local Land Services and NSW DPI via the Agriculture and Animal Services hotline: 1800 814 647


Wildlife Victoria urgently needs donations! ‘Donations to our Victorian bushfire appeal will be distributed to wildlife shelters and carers to help rebuild enclosures and equipment that they have lost in the fires so that they can continue their life-saving work, and support those that are struggling to cope with the enormous number of animals that will need care in the coming weeks and months.’ Donate HERE 

Main Street Veterinary Clinic, based in Bairnsdale, services a large region of Victoria's fire ravaged East Gippsland. They have a special Wildlife Fire Relief Fund to support local wildlife carers. The fund will make available supplies and medications sold from the clinic at cost price. It will be available to all local carers with a wildlife carers registration number. Balance of funds remaining following this disaster will then be donated to Wildlife Victoria. If you would like to make a donation, the following bank account can be used: Account Name: Main Street Veterinary Clinic / BSB: 033-203 / Account Number: 315054 / Reference: Wildlife Fire Relief (please remember to add this reference to your donation).

Warriors for Wildlife has a wish list of required items on their facebook page. They also require financial support. Donate HERE

'RSPCA Victoria is doing all we can to protect the animals in threatened or affected areas. But once the active fire zones clear, that’s when the most challenging work begins. This will include the rescue and treatment of the animals most affected by the fires. We need your help with this important work. Our teams are prepared with equipment and supplies for the field to help animals injured or in distress from the fires. Our Mobile Animal Clinic will be deployed in the field under the direction Agriculture Victoria to be used where it can best help to animals in distress for as long as needed. The impact of the fires is devastating.  We are preparing for long-term rescue and rehabilitation efforts.’ Donate HERE. All of the money raised through this appeal will be directed to bushfire response initiatives.

Animal Rescue Collective is listed for a second time because their volunteers are doing a lot in the Victorian bushfire affected areas. This is a joint project of many volunteer-led rescue groups around Australia. They are doing amazing work! Take a look at their Facebook page - they have comprehensive lists of goods that can be donated in different regions and are open to volunteer help. You can also make a financial donation. Donate HERE

Wallabia Wildlife Shelter is run by Rena and Joe - long term conservationists who have dedicated their lives to protecting forests and looking after injured and orphaned wildlife. They had turned their small property in Goongerah, East Gippsland, into an incredible wildlife shelter, building rehabilitation enclosures for wallabies, possums, gliders, kookaburras, lyre birds, magpies, wombats, goannas and moreThey have been heavily impacted by fires and have set up a temporary shelter. They require financial support to support animals in their care now and to rebuild. Donate HERE 

Goongerah Wombat Orphanage is based in fire-ravaged East Gippsland and cares for orphaned, sick and injured wombats for a complete and successful release back into the wild. 'Our Orphanage is a tiny pocket of green, black devastation completely surrounds us, some still burning. We will stay and keep them all safe.' Donate HERE

Raymond Island Koala and Wildlife Shelter for the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, specialising in koalas and kangaroos. They are a volunteer-run organisation that relies solely on donated funds. Visit their website for more about the incredible ongoing work they do for wildlife. They have been impacted by fires and urgently require financial support. Donate HERE 

Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter The last few days have been horrendous to say the least. Animals being brought to the shelter burnt and badly injured...The house all of a sudden became like a war zone. So many volunteers ready to help, and the support from the community has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.’ Donate to their bank account: SA Johns Wildlife Shelter / BSB: 062649 / Account: 10126146 (For international donations, the Commonwealth Bank Swift Code is CBTAAU2S)

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter is operated by Angel of the Bush”, Glenda Elliott and is located in fire-ravaged North East Victoria. A non-profit charity wildlife shelter that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphans wildlife. In addition to treating injured wildlife, they are setting up feeding stations immediately at the shelter, throughout the burnt bushland and local community. This will help those animals who escaped the fires but now have no food or water to survive over the next 3-4 months until growth reappears. Donate HERE

For many farmers, the destruction of large areas of pasture by the fires means feeding their animals is a challenge. The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) is leading the drive to provide fodder to affected farmers and is establishing depots where fodder can be delivered and collected. Those who want to donate fodder to help out should contact the VFF on 1300 882 833 or




Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park ‘Kangaroo Island is well known for its thriving koala population however over 150,000 hectares has been lost due to recent events, this will affect our koala population dramatically. We have started a fundraiser to raise funds to get care, pain relief, medication and the infrastructure needed to house and treat the large number of koala and animals coming into our care.’ Donate HERE 

Nature Foundation SA - Kangaroo Island Conservation Programs 'At Nature Foundation SA we are committed to supporting important conservation programs that make a real difference on the ground. We have therefore partnered with the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board to give everyone a chance to support some of the important conservation projects on Kangaroo Island that need your help.' Your donation can support a critically endangered species: The Glossy Black-cockatoo Recovery Program

South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management (SAVEM) is a Tier 2 Response and Recovery agency. Their mission is to assess, triage, treat, shelter, reunite with owners or rehabilitate and return to habitat all species of animals post event. They collaborate with other similarly accredited agencies, such as the RSPCA, to respond to animal welfare issues in-field, and on request will support and assist PIRSA’s veterinary officers in incidents involving livestock.‘ Donate HERE

Save Our Wildlife Foundation ‘We relieve the suffering of orphaned, sick and injured native animals through effective rescue and rehabilitation, and support research that will benefit them in the longer term.’ Donate HERE 

Adelaide Koala Rescue has been working tirelessly to help koalas affected by fires in South Australia. They require donations to help them care for the surviving and injured koalas. Donate HERE

Fauna Rescue SA is helping with injured or sick wildlife. Donate HERE

Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital require financial assistance to continue medical treatment for injured koalas. See their website for their bank details.

RSPCA South Australia bushfire response. 

For many farmers, the destruction of large areas of pasture by the fires means feeding their animals is a challenge. For fodder donations contact Livestock SA: 0419 035 459


The Rescue Collective works together with like minded people, to support animal rescue, wildlife organisations and their volunteers across the East Coast of Australia. They have been actively mobilised during all of the bushfires of this season. Follow their Facebook page for updates and callouts.  

Wildlife Rescue Queensland is a non-profit organisation specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native Australian wildlife. They recently had over 300 orphaned flying foxes come into their care from fire and drought affected areas of NSW. Donate and become a member HERE

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital on the Gold Coast has grown to be one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world, admitting over 12,200 animals a year – a service that is provided free of charge to the community. Donate HERE

Koala Rescue Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast, is a not-for profit 24 hour rescue service for sick, injured and orphaned koalas throughout Queensland. Donate HERE 

RSPCA Queensland 'Since the 1st November, 117 koalas have come into RSPCA Queensland. The Wildlife Hospital is already “under siege” because of trauma season and the fires have merely escalated an already busy period.' Donate to their Wildlife Hospital HERE


Animals Australia ‘We are providing immediate support to expert wildlife vets to travel to fire-devastated areas. We'll help any surviving animals, and provide much needed support and resources to local wildlife carers.’ They are currently doing food drops by aircraft for animals in affected areas. Donate HERE

National Animal Disaster Relief ‘With this project we aim to develop a national program focused on providing disaster relief to animals, both stock and domestic, that will see community animal relief teams provide preparedness, response and relief to animal owners across Australia.’ Donate HERE

Animal Rescue Craft Guild is an online group of crafty animal lovers, sewing, making, designing and recycling "everything" to make products that help animal rescue. Beds, crates, containers and support equipment to help rescuers. Anyone is welcome to join from all over Australia and help set up local teams and support. All products made will be given away on the ARF page or through direct rescue. The page will also have callouts for product and supply often’ Anyone can join and start crafting!

Animal Rescue MacGyver Makers Guild is on online group of handy animal lovers who make possum and sugar glider boxes, nesting boxes etc from timber. 'Do you make things & care about wildlife? Are you a handy person with a saw or a hammer and like to create? The wildlife of Australia need you.' Anyone can join and start making!

Rescue Craft Co is a Community Action Group developed to help our community come together and make, craft and provide necessary items for the injured animals from the Australian Bush Fires. We are also here to support individual carers from the bottom up. We are weaving a tight knit network with like minded individuals across Australia and the world, who want to help ease the pain and suffering of our incredible wildlife here in Australia.

Vets for Compassion is a small organisation, run entirely by volunteers, that provides emergency response during natural disasters through provision of highly trained vets and vet professionals to help affected wildlife, farm and companion animals. Over the coming months, they need our support to continue this treatment, through the provision of funds for medical supplies such as anaesthetics, darts, antibiotics etc. All of the money we raise goes directly towards sending their vets out into the field, to help wildlife impacted by these tragic bushfires. Donate HERE

'WWF is one of Australia’s most trusted conservation organisations. At WWF, we work in Australia and in our Asia-Pacific backyard to protect endangered species and habitats, meet the challenge of climate change, and build a world where people live in harmony with nature. This would not be possible without financial support from our community.’ Donate HERE 

Or adopt a koala HERE 

Or help protect the native forests that feed and shelter our Aussie wildlife HERE 


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