Illuminate with Il Fanale

‘Made in Italy’ is synonymous with design, heritage and artisanal flair.  The story of Il Fanale dates back to 1979 when Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa Martin decided to embark on an extraordinary journey of passion and hard work, starting from their decennial experience in working with traditional metals.  They found the company with the intention and will to produce unique and original lamps of the highest quality.
With an international following and artistic dedication at the core, Il Fanale’s collection of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions comprise not only function, but marry contemporary and classical touches with brass, copper, steel, iron, ceramic, frosted glass elements and antique finishes.  Purity of design and sophistication take the necessity of light and atmosphere into the home and beyond.
The beauty of Il Finale’s style is the sculptural detail paired with elegance and simplicity.  Sophisticated lighting solutions that can be seen across countless interior and outdoor spaces from Farmhouse, to loft, modern, minimalistic or mid century.  With functional design at heart, the core strength of Il Fanale is the craftsmanship and passion for purity in design and quality.
If you are looking for design elements that will last a life time and enhance the beauty of your personal space or an urban environment.  From lanterns to pendents, suspension, ceiling, wall or floor lamps, or pieces custom in design and manufacture, then look no further than Italian designers Il Fanale. 
Michelle Johnston
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