Martyn Thompson - Renaissance Man

Curator presents Martyn Thompson, Renaissance Man from Curator on Vimeo.

We are delighted to be one of two only stockists of Martyn Thompson Studio pieces.  Martyn favours many mediums, particularly photography and textiles.  At present, our range is limited to textiles which we hope to expand upon over time. 

The video is by Curator and is a short film on Martyn.  An enigmatic but humble man of outstanding ability.

Curator describes Martyn and the film thus:

Martyn Thompson began his career making clothes before deciding to document them instead. He worked as a fashion photographer in Sydney and Paris and then in London - where his scope broadened into the world of interiors and still life. 

The 1990’s saw the development of his idiosyncratic lifestyle photography, embracing a love of the lived environment. He began to develop a new, atypical approach to documenting interiors and architecture. In a Martyn Thompson image the human and the environment are always connected-the ordinary can become something enigmatic. His tactile and emotive approach combined with a mastery of natural light is a skill that has made him highly sought after for still life and product photography.

Thompson has worked on a number of published titles, including Ilse Crawfords first book, the best selling Sensual Home and the highly successful River Cafe cook books. He has authored two books : Interiors (2011) and Working Space (2013)  and contributed editorial to some of the world’s most respected magazines including Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, W, The New York Times Magazine and Vogue. Commercially, he’s created acclaimed imagery for many of the world’s leading brands including Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hermès and Jo Malone.

A keen advocate of change and experiment, his work today has evolved to include video, mixed-media print work and 3-D fabrication.

Pablo Cubarle is a film director and photo retoucher living in Brewster, New York.


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