Santa Maria Novella

The perfume-pharmaceutical workshop of Santa Maria Novella, or Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, or Antica Spezieria of Santa Maria Novella, is located in via della Scala 16 in Florence, in a part of the convent complex of Santa Maria Novella. Today it is considered to be the oldest historic pharmacy in the whole of Europe, active without interruption for almost 4 centuries, as well as one of the oldest commercial outlets ever. 

Founded by Dominican friars shortly after 1221, the year of their arrivaI in Florence, the pharmacy used medicinal herbs grown in the monastic gardens to make medications, balms and pomades for the monks' infirmary.

This legendary perfumery continues to operate and holds firm to its traditions which will continue to endure for centuries to come. 

We are delighted to be stockists of this traditional and luxury brand. 

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