Shipping & Delivery

If you would like to buy one of our pieces, you can either purchase over the phone by contacting us on +61-2-6238-0906, or you can visit us in person at our premises in Bungendore by appointment - or at our soon-to-be-open store front, also in Bungendore, at your leisure.

If you would like more images of an item or more detail, please contact us and we can organise immediately.

Our antique garden, decorative and architectural pieces are located at our beautiful 19th century stone premises in Bungendore. We are not open to the public but we welcome visitors who would like to view the pieces, without obligation or pressure.  We can be contacted on +61-2-6238-0906.


Manon will provide every assistance to clients regarding pick-up and delivery of pieces.  We have certain recommended carriers for the conveyance of sensitive pieces and would be happy to obtain an indicative quote for delivery on your behalf.  Final confirmation of shipping charges would be subject to confirmation with the carrier. 


In order to assist you with attainment of your new addition into your home or business, Manon can arrange a quote for delivery on your behalf to anywhere in Australia. To receive your quote and for more information please contact us.

Shipping and Delivery - Terms and Conditions

While delivery can be arranged on behalf of the client to transport pieces from the vendor's premises, the carrier does so as a contractor of the client, not the vendor, whether the cost is invoiced by the vendor, or by the carrier.  Any disputes are therefore to be conducted by the client with the carrier, and the vendor accepts no liability arising out of the appointment of such contractor.

All pieces are sold as seen at our premises.  While we may supply photographs, measurements, catalogues and drawings of pieces, they are for identification and reference only and clients are advised to examine pieces as to their condition, dimensions and quality, before purchase, as the vendor gives no guarantee in respect thereof.