Basket High Planter

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Basket High Planter

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Your balcony is your precious corner of greenery in the city, where you can admire your favourite plants as they grow. And with the Basket high planter from Fermob, you can tend to your miniature garden without hurting your back!

Italian designer Fabio Meliota has reinvented the traditional planter on legs, giving it a new graphic look. The Basket high model is appealing to behold and extremely practical, featuring a built-in drainage system. It also makes a clever alternative to traditional patio separators, allowing you to divide your space into dining and relaxation areas, for example.

The sturdy steel wire frame with feet and a handle supports a removable aluminium tray. Lightweight and hard-wearing, this large rectangular planter is easy to move around, so you can adjust the position of your plants as the sun passes across the sky. Available in 24 colours!

Height: 84cm

Width: 34cm

Length: 70cm


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