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Buoy Sphere Pendant Light

Buoy Sphere Pendant Light

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Buoy Double Cone Pendant Light by BOMMA is inspired by the buoys that mark safe zones and harbours with light. This collection combines classic geometric shapes, an unusual light source and impressive hand-blown crystal elements. Its clean minimalist shapes and size allow the Buoy Collection to become a masterful focal point in any space. Buoy embodies the best of glassmaking craftsmanship.

Buoy’s diffusion light rod running through the glass body is made from sand¬blasted polycarbonate that perfectly distributes the light. In its centre are numerous LED chips, while the upper and lower part of the light are enclosed by a metal plate. The black metal finish can be combined with either a Clear, White or Smoke glass finish.

Dimensions (cm)

H49.5 x Ø48




Glass, Aluminium


LED 12.6W 2700K

Drop (cm)

Max 250

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