Cadiz Armchair

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Cadiz Armchair

Regular price $900.00
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The Cadiz outdoor armchair (chair with armrests for even greater convenience) offers excellent seating comfort thanks to the break in the lines of the backrest and the seat that fit the curves of the body, and to the flexibility of the OTF (Outdoor Technical Fabric) pricing at $930

Using a cutting-edge technique, the armrests are hydroformed to enable the finesse of the design to be expressed. The Cadiz armrest is like a signature that makes your outdoor furniture stand out with style. The Cadiz armchair is available in a palette of timeless colors and can be paired with other chairs from the same collection to enhance your outdoor dining table. The convenience factor has not been overlooked because the bridge chair can be stacked up to ten high for optimal storage.

Height: 85.8 cm

Width: 49.6cm

Length: 55.4cm

Weight: : 3.4 kg

frame : Aluminium

armrests : Hydroformed

Seat and backrest in Batyline® OTF : ISO/DUO or STEREO [NEW]

Type of protection: : Tear-proof, shape-retentive, resistant to stains and mould

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