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Circus So Lamp by Contardi

Circus So Lamp by Contardi

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“The Circus lamp represents the philosophy of the versatile “white shirt” – an essential classic suitable for any context.

A simple but complete product that allows you to customise the fabric lampshade with trimmings of different colours. All sizes are available with two different light sources: the version with E27 bulbs mounted vertically on the support beams to ensure uniform illumination without the formation of shadows and the version with customized LED plate, very compact, designed for use in commercial spaces, such as offices and retail shops. The latter offers the possibility – unlike the traditional version – to significantly reduce the height of the lampshade. Circus LED is compatible with the main digital remote-control systems for lighting, an essential feature for use in commercial space projects. In both versions, the closures and the underlying diffuser discs are made and mounted with the harmonic wire that allows to slightly bend the edges of the diffuser disc, insert it and then place it on the inner crown of the lower frame. This guarantees the so-called drum closure which in terms of aesthetic finish is undoubtedly one of the most refined, as it does not resort to hooks or supports.”


Lead Time

8-10 weeks


Installation Orientation

Ceiling Mount

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Black, Brown, Grey, White

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