Cotswold Classic Teak Bench

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Cotswold Classic Teak Bench

Regular price $2,195.00
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Cotswold Classic Garden Bench in Teak

Classic and traditional.

Price shown is for the 126cm wide garden bench.  Other sizes available - see below. 

Cotswold has been the leading teak supplier in Australia for almost three decades.

' A' Grade teak (Tectona Grandis), with its exceptional qualities and aesthetic warmth, durability and stability, has long been the natural choice for leisure furniture. 

This most valuable, deciduous timber has been in use in the building and boating industries for hundreds of years. 

Naturally oily, it resists marine borers and moisture. 

Nothing is rushed and nothing is wasted, such is the value of this raw material. 

Available in two standard size benches and armchair:
L200 x W70 x H88 - Price $3,195
L126 x W70 x H88 - Price $2,195
L74 x W74 x H88 - Price $1,795

<p>UV and weather resistant. Insensitive to temperature differences (-25°C to +70°C).</p> <p>Heat and sun protected</p>




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