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Croisette Armchair

Croisette Armchair

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A garden armchair by designer Pascal Mourgue has just got to be a racy piece of designer furniture! Its signature? Its woven backrest, which gives it an airy, light-weight look!

As comfortable to sit on as it is pretty to look at, this garden furniture can also be stacked.  This is thanks to its light weight, meaning that you can save space, store it and move it around easily. The unusual height of its seat makes it easy to get out of too.

Its aluminium frame stands up brilliantly to the ravages of time, as does its synthetic polyethylene fibre weave for very long outdoor use! That said, your Croisette armchair will be just as comfortable indoors, you'll see... Inside or outside, it will always make a charming addition to your home decoration scheme.

All we need to know is which colour you will choose! Honey for a vibrant look? Cotton white, for a composition that exhales freshness? Combine it also with the Croisette table and benches for a unique set of garden furniture.

Height: 83cm

Width: 65cm


Weight: 3.2 kg

frame: Aluminium

seat: Weave made from outdoor polyethylene synthetic fibre

pads: Silencing

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