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Europa Room Diffuser

Europa Room Diffuser

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Room Diffuser by Santa Maria Novella

If memory had a sense, it would be called sense of smell. Sensorial impressions without being touched by descriptive words can blend with recollections of magical places… just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and your trip around the world begins. Five continents, five olfactory fragrances all inspired by Mother Nature Fire, the continent of intense colors, the warmth of the sun at dusk. The geometrical lines inspired by the masks of the many tribes. Light colors and golden embroideries accompany us in an olfactory journey to the “old” continent. Bergamot and sweet orange, roses and violets blend with woody and mossy scents. Europe is a woman with an elegant profile and an almost elusive appearance. Her scent will reveal her profound essence. Top Notes: Bergamot, Sweet orange Heart Notes: Red wine, Rose, Violet Base Notes : Aromatic woods, Oak moss


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