Lampiok #1 Models 2 & 3

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Lampiok #1 Models 2 & 3

Regular price $1,590.00
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Lampiok No 1 Models 2 & 3 by Roger Pradier


Lampiok #1 Model 2 (ceiling rod)

Lampiok #1 Model 3 (pendant)


Inspired by the characteristics of a four sided lantern, the Lampiok collection compliments both traditional and modern house designs.


Through the use of lacquered copper, Lampiok is cut, stamped and adjusted with precision and elegance. The purposely monochrome grey support lets the lantern itself shine forth, for a 25 year anti-corrosion warranty.


Lampiok #1 Model 2 (ceiling rod)

Powder Coated Aluminium in colours shown - $990.00

Brass  $1,390.00

Copper $1,690.00


Lampiok #1 Model 3 (pendant)

Powder Coated Aluminium in colour shown $890.00

Brass $1,290.00

Copper $1,590.00 (Main Image)


465mm H x 400mm W


Designed and made in France

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