Lutyens Teak Garden Bench - Two Sizes

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Lutyens Teak Garden Bench - Two Sizes

Regular price $4,395.00
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Lutyens Teak Garden Bench

A classic design, the Lutyens garden bench was named after Edwin Lutyens, an English architect of the 19th century, reknowned for imaginatively adapting traditional architectural styles to the requirements of his era.  Luytens designed many English country houses during his most active working life.

The Lutyens garden bench is a staple of the English country house gardens and is favoured for his pretty but practical style.

Made of solid 'A' Grade Marine teak, it should be allowed to develop the grey patina of old teak, and the more moss or lichen...the better.

Available in two sizes

197cm at $4,395.00


258cm at $4,995.00

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