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Pigna Con Piede - Pine Cone

Pigna Con Piede - Pine Cone

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Pigna Con Piede - Pine Cone

Pot with stand to be placed on the ground or on columns, capitals of fences and gateposts. The wonderful and elegant shape and design of the pot decorates the furniture. Decorations and garlands, reliefs in the style of the classical historical period of the pot. Modeling realized in high relief. Excellent aestethical impact and suitable for use without plants. Great duration, the form remains unchanged over the course of the time. The article acquires a beautiful exterior aspect over the course of the seasons.

Poggi Ugo, Impruneta Italy - Handmade, using Impruneta clay

Cone - 22 x 42cm - Pedestal - 16 x 16cm - $750

Cone - 23 x 50cm - Pedestal 18 x 18cm - $980

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