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Romane Round Table 137cm

Romane Round Table 137cm

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If you’re in the market for a garden table with character – a large round table that can seat up to eight guests, to be exact – then look no further than the Romane table Ø137. It ticks all the boxes!

This piece combines timeless styling, inspired by the Romanesque architecture from which it takes its name, with a dash of countryside appeal, instantly setting a scene of warmth and serenity. If returning to nature is your thing, then the Romane table is just the ticket!

Its clean styling and robust build quality give this piece a sense of great stability. But in fact, it’s more than just a sense, because the integrated adjustable pads let you keep the table flat on uneven terrain – they’ll come in handy when you want to set up your table in the middle of a field in front of your house! The pretty curved feet of this round garden table support a thick table top that’s build to withstand the weather, UV rays, and even the test of time. And that’s no surprise because, just like the base, it’s made from 100% steel and covered with a polyester powder coating. This table is made in our workshops right here in Thoissey, eastern France, so there’s no compromising when it comes to build quality. But that’s not all: this metal round table comes with a table block that stops water pooling on the table top in winter. What a bright idea!

All that remains is for you to select a colour for your Romane table Ø137 – and you have all 24 shades of the Fermob colour chart to choose from!

Height: 75cm

Weight: 51 kg

base : Square tubular steel

table top : Steel sheet

Flat iron belt

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