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Studie Chair

Studie Chair

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Dive back into your childhood and allow nostalgia to win you over with the Studie chair, inspired from our classroom chairs. Created by Tristan Lohner, designer and long-standing Fermob partner, inspiration is drawn from our iconic classroom chairs and their refined lines, to which a contemporary touch is added, giving them a wonderfully stylish look!


Simplicity is beauty... And that is what you will undoubtedly tell yourself when looking at the Studie chair. Its contemporary and unadorned look makes for a stunning item. Its curved seat invites you to sit back and relax: just by looking at it you can already tell that you will be comfortably seated... Although this chair is inspired from our classroom chairs, it has been greatly optimised in terms of comfort: the curve of its seat and backrest is ideally designed to fit the shape of our bodies. Another noteworthy difference: the chair is equipped with Fermob-patented glide pads, allowing it to be moved on the floor without any noise - a welcome change from the racket our school chairs made! Finally, these metal chairs are easy to stack for storage: they are very light thanks to their aluminium build and their stacking pads protect them from scratches. Moreover, they are extremely resistant to weather conditions, including by the sea. Last but not least: they are built in aluminium and equipped with removable pads, and are entirely recyclable. Another added bonus for the Studie chair!

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