Timber Square Umbrella 2.1m

Regular price $1,370.00

Timber Square Umbrella 2.1m

Regular price $1,370.00
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The smallest in our range, this square umbrella weighs just 10 kilograms and is approximately 2m by 2m. It is ideal for use on small balconies and for cafes with limited footpath space. It is easy to manage and carry, and has a pole diameter of 40mm, which will fit through the hole in most garden tables.

Pricing from $1,370 for standard colour and $1,650 for striped colour 

Measurement: 2.16m x 2.16m

Weight: 10kg

Pole height: 2.44m

Pole diameter: 40mm

Overhead clearance: 2m

Closed canopy height from ground:  0.96m

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