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Vaso Camelia Terracotta Pot

Vaso Camelia Terracotta Pot

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Vaso Camellia - Camellia Pot

by Poggi Ugo

Hand made in Italy

It is a model that comes from the past, it is called camelia vase because it has the right proportions to oxygenate the roots of this plant, but it is equally suitable for other types of plants. It is widely used for its sober simplicity that it adapts to the classic and the modern. It is produced in many sizes and also in the “gray” version. The truncated conical shape of golden ratio makes the vase simple but harmonious and facilitates the flaring of the plant with each transfer

Poggi Ugo, Impruneta Italy - Handmade, using Impruneta clay

Hand Made in Italy

Sizes- Diameter

30cm - $260 (Minimum two)

40cm - $490 (Minimum two)

50cm - $800 (Minimum two)

60cm - $1130

70cm - $1550

80cm - $2130

90cm - $3110

100cm - $5320

Any orders of 80cm diameter require 20 week time frame to make/ship.

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