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Vaso Con Due Orli Terracotta Pot

Vaso Con Due Orli Terracotta Pot

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Vaso Con Due Orli - Two Rimmed Vase

by Poggi Ugo 

Hand made in Italy

Two-rimmed vase is a variation of the festooned vase, requested in the 1950s by German customers to whom the Tuscan-style festooning seemed excessive, but too smooth was the smooth vase: they decreed that the vase with two edges was the right combination for their taste and for the transalpine market in general. The result is a model that is still now the best-selling in the world. The truncated conical shape of golden ratio makes the vase simple but harmonious.

Poggi Ugo, Impruneta Italy - Handmade, using Impruneta clay

Sizes- Diameter

20cm- $110 (Miniumum six)

30cm- $260 (Minimum six)

40cm- $490 (Miniumum four)

50cm- $800 (Miniumum two)

60cm- $1,130

70cm- $1550

80cm- $2130

90cm- $2530

100cm- $3340


120cm- $5400

130cm- $6670

140cm- $7940

Any orders of 80cm diameter require 20 week time frame to manufacture and ship.

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