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Versailles Bronze Urn

Versailles Bronze Urn

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Versailles bronze urn

Our bronze garden vases, faithfully reedited after the originals designed by Claude Ballin in 1665, are produced under the exclusive “Château de Versailles » license. The original historical piecesornate the North Lawn of the Château de Versailles on either side of the water mirrors and decorate the terrace.

Jardins du Roi Soleil is the Château de Versailles gardens official supplier. They offer reedition of two authentic and timeless bronze models to all gardens lovers and French way of life enthusiasts.

Handcrafted in France, the Jardins du Roi Soleil Ballin solid bronze models are patinated in “vert-de-gris” antique green 

Jardins du roi Soleil, Paris France 

Size - 73 x 58cm

Base - 37.5cm 


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